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Costa degli Dei: beach holidays in Calabria

The Costa degli Dei is located in that long stretch of coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea that stretches from Pizzo Calabro to arrive along the coast of Nicotera. Among its most beautiful beaches there is the renowned Baia di Riace a small stretch of sea near Tropea.

The beauty of the coast is extraordinary. According to Greek mythology it took the name of Costa degli Dei because in ancient times the gods had chosen it as their home.

The coast is a succession of long beaches of fine white sand alternating with jagged rocks that make the Costa degli Dei one of the most sought after beaches for their beauty and crystal clear sea. Today the holiday in Calabria in the beautiful beaches of the Costa degli Dei is one of the most sought after holidays, the most coveted dream, not only by Italians but also by foreigners.

How to reach the Costa degli Dei

If you arrive by train in Calabria, the stations where you can stop, are the station of Lamezia Terme and Reggio Calabria, which are connected with the Trenitalia Tropea Eexpress service that will allow you to visit all the beauties of the beaches of Calabria.

Instead, if you prefer to arrive in Calabria by plane, the airport to choose is Lamezia Terme a short distance from Tropea.

Although we advise you as a means of transport the car, which will allow you to visit all the beaches of the Costa degli Dei to live unforgettable holidays in its crystal clear sea.

The right place to stay in Calabria on the Costa degli Dei

Another tip that we would like to give you, if you want to stay in an oasis of peace and relaxation, is to choose for your holidays a special place a few steps from the beach of Baia di Riaci near Tropea, an intimate and exclusive environment, that will allow you to enjoy your holidays in the Costa degli Dei.

Suite Hotel Oasi di Riaci is the right place for you.


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