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Luxury Hotel in Tropea a few steps from the sea

One of the strongest values that the Oasi di Riaci hotel aims to pursue is that of care and attention to every detail in the aesthetic presentation of our hotel. Thanks to our strong passion for design and beauty, we have been able to create a luxury hotel in Tropea like you've never seen before. Come and discover all the luxuries that our staff and our structure are able to offer you during your stay at the Oasi di Riaci hotel: from the rooms with a unique and inimitable design, to the well-kept rooms of the hotel, small design jewels , not only your eyes will be delighted by our luxury hotel in Tropea, but all five senses. A unique sensory experience in the name of the most exclusive welcome.

Luxury hotel in Tropea: The Concept

At our hotel, the Oasi di Riaci hotel, you will find a level of attention to detail and a unique and inimitable love for design. Every part of our luxury hotel in Tropea has been treated in every minute detail, paying particular attention to the presentation so as to create a deeply refined aesthetic sense , while maintaining a sense of welcome and warmth. The ideas that underlie our personal conception of design, a conception that we have applied in the best possible way to the creation of our hotel in Tropea, are precisely these two: the search for refinement and hospitality.

During your stay at our luxury hotel in Tropea, the Oasi di Riaci hotel, you will soon realize how these two concepts go hand in hand in a harmonious and warm way, so as to create a type of intimate and refined atmosphere at the same time. , a place where the guests of our hotel can feel at home, served and revered, pampered and filled with attention from morning to evening, all within the evocative setting of a structure with an elegant and trendy design . A combination of qualities that make our luxury hotel in Tropea a small design jewel, a pleasant place in the name of luxury and the warmest welcome, a winning combination that will captivate you and make you experience our values firsthand. and our attention to customer wishes.

The rooms of our luxury hotel in Tropea

The rooms and suites with a unique design and studied in every detail represent one of the strengths of our luxury hotel in Tropea, the Oasi di Riaci hotel. Divided into rooms and suites according to the capacity (the former can accommodate up to two guests, while the latter are characterized by a capacity of between two and four beds), all the rooms available to our customers enjoy a beautiful lighting, specifically designed to make the most of natural light, as well as a breadth of space that is difficult to find in the rooms of many traditional hotels. These are not simple rooms where you can spend the night, but welcoming and beautiful spaces that make your stay at our luxury hotel in Tropea an experience of beauty and design at all times, even when it comes to retire to your private spaces. All our rooms have a private balcony, from which to enjoy the view of the spaces surrounding the structure. Although the interiors and decorations change depending on which type of room you choose, each of them is equipped with all comforts, including air conditioning, mini fridge bar, high definition satellite TV, Wi-Fi connection and landline telephone. . What characterizes the suites, moreover, is the presence of a living area, in addition to the rooms of the bedroom and the private bathroom: equipped with a comfortable sofa, it is the perfect environment to enjoy your privacy without giving up on everyone. the comforts offered by our luxury hotel in Tropea. Come and discover the offer of our characteristic suites: Sexy Fairies , Isabelle , Tuli - Charme and Red Passion , respectively the names of the four themed suites of the hotel, are ready to welcome you for a holiday dedicated to the most welcoming luxury that there is.

Reception and breakfast in a luxury hotel in Tropea

At our luxury hotel in Tropea, the Oasi di Riaci hotel, we make sure you don't miss anything: in addition to the rooms with balconies, equipped with every conceivable comfort and luxury, the hotel has a beautiful  area used as a buffet where you can enjoy your breakfasts at our hotel in all serenity and comfort. A bright environment, decorated in shades of white and illuminated by a large window that leans out onto the garden outside the room, where our guests can find delicacies of all kinds, sweet and savory, cold and hot , to start their day in the best possible way. together with us. Our bar and cafeteria are also ready to warm up your stay at our luxury hotel in Tropea with their hot drinks at any time, and to host your moments of relaxation sheltered from the heat of the sun. All inserted within the evocative setting of the unique design of the Oasi di Riace hotel: your luxury hotel in Tropea par excellence. We are ready to welcome you: now you just have to contact us, book your next holiday with us and pack your bags, and then off you go, straight to our dream hotel!

Why give up a luxury hotel with swimming pool a few steps from Tropea?

Discover exceptional luxury just a few steps from Tropea at our exclusive hotel. With a breathtaking private beach and a state-of-the-art biodesigned pool, we offer you an unparalleled stay experience. Our newly renovated rooms represent the pinnacle of luxury, with every detail designed to ensure maximum comfort.

Why give up a luxury hotel with a swimming pool when can you experience maximum refinement and relaxation with us? Our biodesign swimming pool, immersed in a natural context and with attention to the smallest details, becomes the perfect place to relax and enjoy unforgettable moments. The private beach, a few steps from your luxury room, offers you an exclusive seaside experience and a breathtaking view of the crystal clear sea of Tropea.

Our rooms, elegantly furnished and equipped with every modern comfort, welcome you in an environment of pure luxury. With our commitment to excellence, we guarantee you an unforgettable stay, where every detail is taken care of to exceed your every expectation.

Don't give up the best. Choose our luxury hotel with swimming pool and treat yourself to a unique experience just a few steps from Tropea. Experience luxury, embrace relaxation and treat yourself to a dream holiday with us

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