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4 star hotel in Tropea

If you are dreaming of a hotel holiday in the name of luxury, beauty and relaxation, and that does not make you miss anything, then you have come to the right place.

From the attention to the design of the hotel and its internal and external premises, passing through the wishes of the customer to arrive at a fabulous location, L 'Oasi di Riaci is our 4-star hotel in Tropea, leader in the category . Inaugurated in 2019, in such a short time our 4-star hotel in Tropea has earned the reputation of an unmissable luxury destination, and an impeccable reputation on which all our customers and guests unanimously agree. But what exactly makes this 4-star hotel in Tropea so special, what makes it stand out in comparison with other luxury hotels in the area and beyond? Well, what makes Oasi di Riaci a destination not to be missed is, among others but first of all, the beauty of the hotel structure, its unique design and the values that make it aesthetics and the experience of a unique and absolutely inimitable welcome to its guests

The basic idea and values of our 4-star hotel in Tropea

Of fundamental importance for the success and success of our 4-star hotel in Tropea are the respect and anticipation of the wishes of our customers, together with the maintenance of an impeccable image, obtained through the care and design of the aesthetic components and design of our structure down to the smallest detail. The interiors of our luxury hotel L'Oasi di Riaci beautifully reflect our idea of hospitality, thanks to the design designed and cared for by the hands of expert professionals. Architecture and interior decoration blend in a harmonious and luxuriant way, creating an atmosphere characterized by the sense of preciousness, of avant-garde design, of all those details that manage to transport our guests into a dimension full of luxury, of beauty and relaxation. To be able to fully enjoy your holiday at our 4-star hotel in Tropea , it would hardly be necessary to leave the beautiful hotel premises. Our expert staff will be happy to pamper you and make your stay at L'Oasi di Riaci an unforgettable experience, making you feel nothing less than a king. By combining the beauty and unique design of our premises, from the bedrooms to the breakfast room to the internal dining rooms, with the characteristic warmth and attention to the wishes of our guests, qualities that our expert staff has to sell, your holiday will soon be transformed. in much more than a simple stay by the sea. In addition to the wonders that our 4-star hotel in Tropea can offer, the breathtaking beauty of the areas surrounding the structure will win you over. From the nearby Tropea, a small jewel of the Mediterranean , a pearl of a town overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the epicenter of the fashionable and sophisticated life of Calabria, to the typically Mediterranean vegetation that dot this stretch of coast, the places to see and things to do they are a lot. You just have to come and discover them with us.

The elegance of the rooms and suites in our 4-star hotel in Tropea

The beauty and refinement that characterize the rooms and suites in our 4-star hotel in Tropea, the L'Oasi di Riaci hotel, are one of our prides, as well as being one of the features of the hotel that is appreciated. more enthusiastically from our customers. In addition to the deluxe rooms and junior suites , in fact, the L'Oasi di Riace hotel has created a series of four themed suites, each of them decorated following a unique and unique style, a distinctive feature that makes them small jewels of design and interior decoration per se. Tuli - Charme , Sexy Fairies , Isabelle and Red Passion are their names: keep them in mind, because it is highly likely that you will want to book one as soon as you have seen them even in photographs. On the website of the L'Oasi di Riaci hotel you will find all the necessary information and descriptions of the individual rooms. Air conditioning, high definition satellite TV, mini fridge bar, Wi-Fi connection and landline telephone are just some of the comforts provided in all our rooms. Each room of our 4-star hotel in Tropea is also equipped with a small balcony for totally private use, overlooking the surrounding areas and illuminated by the beautiful sun of Calabria. Finally, some of our suites are equipped with a separate living area, with a sofa, for those who want an even more welcoming and airy space to stay with us, at the L'Oasi di Riaci hotel.

The beauty of the area and the structure of our 4-star hotel in Tropea

As you well know by now, the structure of the L'Oasi di Riaci hotel has been designed and decorated with skill, in the name of luxury and beauty in every single detail. But it doesn't stop there: our 4-star hotel in Tropea is immersed in an area that has a lot of beauty to sell, seeing is believing.

From nature reserves, to be explored through guided or solo excursions , to nearby city centers, to areas and monuments of historical importance, dating back to ancient times and preserved with masterful care, our guests are spoiled for choice when it's about choosing the next destination to visit. Visit the page dedicated to excursions on our website, or contact our staff: the experienced and welcoming staff of our 4-star hotel in Tropea will be more than happy to direct you

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