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Discovering the Costa degli Dei

Inside Calabria, the Costa Bella or Costa degli Dei is a 55-kilometer stretch of coast where rocks, bays and a splendid sea alternate.

Halfway between Tropea and Capo Vaticano, within this splendid coast, stands the Suite Hotel l'Oasi di Riaci. 
The hotel specifically is located in Santa Domenica di Ricadi, in the Bay of Raci.
Thanks to the enviable position of our hotel, you will have all the wonders of the region at your fingertips, from the splendid Pizzo to the clear waters of the Riaci Bay.



Elected the Borgo of Italy in 2021, Tropea is one of the Calabrian destinations most loved by tourists. 
It is located just 10 minutes from the Suite Hotel L'Oasi di Riaci and can be reached easily from our hotel.
The church of Santa Maria dell'Isola is certainly the symbol of the city of Tropea, beautiful imposing and surrounded by the sea stands on a rock and is visible from many points of the city.

Tropea is characterized by the white of its beaches,

the blue of its sea and the red of its sunsets. The historic center is all to be explored, you get lost in the irregular cobbled streets, in the souvenir shops and in the restaurant tables. Traditional cuisine always manages to amaze even the most demanding of palates.  While thanks to a boat ride you will admire the village from a different perspective.  The combination of these elements will make you love Tropea and you will look forward to returning. 

Tropea Marina dell'Isola


  • Church of Santa Maria dell'Isola 

  • Old Town 

  • The dome 

  • The Diocesan Museum 

  • Church of Santa Maria della Neve 

  • Cannone Square

Pizzo Calabro

Protection payment 

40 minutes from the Oasi di Riaci Suite Hotel is Pizzo, a destination not to be missed.
Pizzo is a place rich in history and culture, where you can take a walk, take a bath and be enchanted by the stories of the town.
Imposing cliffs dominate the beaches, medieval churches and the castle tell the story of the city.

The symbol of the city of Pizzo is undoubtedly the truffle, the traditional one consists of a scoop of chocolate and ice cream

hazelnut and filled with liquid chocolate, the perfect dessert for a hot summer afternoon.
One of the main attractions of the area is the Murat Castle, which can also be visited internally and from which you can admire breathtaking sunsets. 
An unmissable stop, which few people know, is certainly the small church of Piedigrotta, entirely dug into the tufaceous rocks, adjacent to the beach, it is a mystical experience not to be missed. 


  • Murat Castle

  • Piedigrotta church

  • Church of the Immaculate Conception

  •   Vicolo dei Baci 

  • The Collector of Winds

  • The Balcony

Capo Vaticano

Head of the Vatican

Just 10 minutes from the Suite Hotel L'Oasi di Riaci is Capo Vaticano, a place characterized by its clear waters and the alternation of sandy and rocky bottoms. 
The sea is undoubtedly the undisputed protagonist of this city, which has a beautiful museum dedicated to the sea.

The white and thin sand alternates with the tuff cliffs, there are also many gorges and caves that can only be reached by boats.  A place where you can connect with unspoiled nature which for its beauty will make you stay in suspense. 

mare di Capo Vaticano


  • Grotticelle beach

  • Capo Vaticano lighthouse

  • Mu.Ri Sea Museum

  • Cave of the Skeleton

  • Praia di Fuoco