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Your summer in Tropea at our hotel

If you are looking for a destination for your next beach holiday, then you've come to the right place: Tropea, elected il Borgo dei Borghi 2021 . The Oasi di Riaci hotel is located right in Tropea and is the perfect destination for all those who are looking for a special, idyllic place, where to take their family, their partner or their partner on vacation, or just simply themselves. Let the beauty of the area, the refinement and elegance of our hotel in Tropea conquer you, and you will soon realize how many opportunities for recreation, entertainment, relaxation and much more await you in this magnificent heavenly place.

The area around our hotel in Tropea: the Riaci Bay and the coast

Not all hotels can boast of being in such an evocative setting as the one in which our hotel in Tropea is located, the beautiful Oasi di Riaci hotel. Located in the heart of one of the most beautiful stretch of coast of Calabria, an award-winning setting appreciated by tourists from all over the world as much as by those who have lived there for generations, and many others, namely the Riaci Bay.  This strategic and at the same time suggestive position is the perfect environment to spend a holiday in one of the most magical places that Southern Italy has to offer its visitors. To begin with, our hotel in Tropea,  it is located in a position at a distance of a few meters from the beach of the Riaci Bay, which is located just 300 meters from the entrance of our hotel. It is a stretch of coast of the Calabria region, which develops along several kilometers, but whose beauty makes it unique and inimitable. Think of beaches with very fine and clear sand , almost luminous, soft, a caress for the feet that walk above it. Imagine the waves that, also placid and soft, pour onto the sand at a regular pace, lulling the senses of those who look and listen to them. A crystalline, blue and clean sea, almost transparent at low tide, with welcoming waters. A sea where it is a pleasure to dive as much as it is to stay and contemplate it from the beach, not only with the view but also with all the other five senses. To complete the idyllic picture of this stretch of coast that rises a few steps from our hotel in Tropea, there are the vegetation and the rocks that frame the beach of the Riaci Bay : high, steep and majestic rocks, yes it is a real contour with a decidedly picturesque and evocative air, a kind of casket that protects and hides the beautiful beaches of which the Riaci Bay is dotted, a stone's throw from our hotel in Tropea, in Calabria. The maritime vegetation that is present within the beaches of the Riaci Bay is typical of the Mediterranean scrub: green without taking up too much space, it combines succulent plants typical of arid climates with plants that grow in more temperate climates, a real joy for the eyes.

Elegance and refinement of our hotel for your holiday in Tropea

Our beautiful hotel in Tropea does not owe its fame solely and exclusively to the dream location within which it stands, quite the contrary. One of the reasons, if not the main reason, why our hotel Oasi di Riaci is so well known and appreciated, is without a doubt the attention to detail and the aesthetic taste that characterize our hotel in Tropea. You don't need to visit it in person to notice it: just take a look at the photos published on our website and website and on our social pages, to realize how much the owners of this hotel in Tropea have invested in the presentation of the structure. The Oasi di Riaci hotel is a great little feast for the eyes: from the structure built according to harmonious and elegant principles, in almost perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, to the decoration of the interiors of the structure itself, every detail has been taken care of with a minutiae and a capacity that they have almost unbelievable. The concept behind our beautiful hotel in Tropea focuses on two fundamental principles, namely the refinement of the design and the warm welcome towards the guest client. The beauty of the structure reflects in all respects this search for elegance, luxury and aesthetic pleasure: every little detail of the interior design and decoration responds to clear, coherent and defined aesthetic standards. This formal and aesthetic refinement, however, never allows the aura of the hotel in Tropea to cool down and become distant, inhospitable, indeed: our staff is dedicated to making every single customer feel welcome, through a warm welcome. , typical of Southern Italy, open and respectful of her every wish

Attention to the details of our hotel in Tropea

As we have anticipated, the pursuit of beauty is one of the fundamental points of our philosophy, here at the Oasi di Riaci hotel. We wanted to create a welcoming environment and at the same time able to take the breath away of those who contemplate it, those who experience it from the inside. Precisely for this reason we have entrusted the planning and design of our hotel in Tropea to expert architects, decorators and interior designers. The result is what you can see just by scrolling through the photographs of the structure: a clean, modern and luxurious concept , where care and cleanliness are of fundamental importance, in order to create a suggestive but at the same time welcoming environment. for those who come on vacation at our hotel in Tropea. Environments characterized by a beautiful brightness, clear and clean colors coupled with flashes of bold and dynamic colors, and a refinement of detail that never goes to excess. The guest who decides to spend his holidays with us will certainly love the suggestive setting of the Bay of Riaci, but we are ready to bet that he will have a hard time leaving behind the beauties of our hotel in Tropea, when it comes to going out. !

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