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Hotel in Tropea: in the hamlet of villages 

Are you dreaming of a holiday under the banner of the beautiful sea of Calabria, in the bay of Tropea? A hotel in Tropea a few steps from the beach and surrounded by natural beauty and more? A brand new hotel with a unique and refined design, where you can feel pampered and served like a king? Then you are in the right place: the Oasi di Riaci hotel is a brand new hotel in Tropea, specially designed to welcome you in a magical location, within a particular and luxurious structure, characterized by a refined design and attention to every minimum. detail. Come and discover the beauties of our hotel in Tropea, from the elegant, comfortable and expertly decorated rooms and suites, as well as all the other rooms and environments that make up our structure with a unique and inimitable design. After letting yourself be enchanted by the beauty of our hotel in Tropea, let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the surrounding area, and start exploring the Riaci Bay, Tropea and the many other breathtaking locations that surround our hotel in Tropea. The possibilities with us are endless: you just have to book your next holiday at the Oasi di Riaci hotel, your hotel in Tropea par excellence!

Luxury hotel in Tropea

One of the strong points of the Oasi di Riaci hotel is undoubtedly the refined design characterized by a deep attention to the component of beauty. Every corner of our hotel in Tropea has been cared for in every detail , paying particular attention to creating an aesthetic sense that is deeply refined and welcoming at the same time. These two ideas are the basis of our personal conception of design, a conception that we have applied in the best possible way to the creation of our hotel in Tropea: refinement and hospitality. During your stay at our hotel in Tropea, the Oasi di Riaci hotel , you will soon realize how these two components marry in a harmonious and warm way, in order to create a type of intimate but also refined atmosphere, a place where our guests can feel at home, pampered and filled with attention, inside a structure with an elegant and trendy design. A combination of factors that make our hotel in Tropea a small design jewel in the name of luxury and warm welcome, a winning combination that will captivate you.

Hotel in Tropea: the beauty of the location

Outside the beautiful structure of our hotel in Tropea, the Oasi di Riaci hotel, there are a myriad of attractions and points of interest to visit, for the joy of the eyes but also of the palate, ears, nose and hand. ; in short, a banquet of sensations ready to delight the five senses of anyone. First of all, within the breathtaking experiences that can be done in the surroundings of the structure of our hotel in Tropea, is to explore the natural beauties that are in the immediate vicinity of the Oasi di Riaci hotel. The hotel is located on the sea, so it is natural that the first places to explore, once you cross the threshold of the Riaci Oasis, are wonders of crystalline waters and stretches of sand that seem to come out of a dream . The closest beach is located about 300 meters from our hotel in Tropea, and is part of the so-called Baia di Riaci. Being a beach located on the Calabrian sea, it is natural that its waters are of a crystalline and luminous blue; the one along which our hotel Oasi di Riaci stands is an uncontaminated stretch of sea, almost untouched by the hand of man, whose atmosphere will transport you into a fairy tale.

Hotel in Tropea: the Riaci Bay and the beach

As we have already mentioned, the closest beach to our hotel in Tropea is located along the coast of the Riaci Bay. It is a stretch of beach that has something to offer to anyone, regardless of the visitor's tastes: the Riaci Bay is in fact formed by a long stretch of sandy beach, followed by a stretch of rocks, as befits a bay for definition. Let the sand, very fine and of a light color, almost pearly, conquer you, and let yourself be enchanted by the splendid waters of this beach a few steps from our hotel in Tropea: a crystalline sea, with a clear bottom and whose transparent and blue water reaches the shore in soft calm waves, with an almost meditative air. Can't wait to come and discover this wonder of nature for yourself, just a few steps from the dream location of our hotel in Tropea? We have excellent news for you: just three hundred meters from the Oasi di Riaci hotel there is a bathing establishment that has an agreement with our hotel in Tropea , a place where you can relax in comfort and relaxation thanks to the presence of umbrellas, sunbeds and other equipment available. of the customers of the Riaci Oasis. You just have to relax and let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves, under the warmth of the warm sun of Calabria.

Hotel in Tropea: what to do in the surroundings

In addition to the nearby beach of the Riaci Bay, our hotel in Tropea offers a variety of locations and tourist resorts to visit, alone or in company. Suggestive beaches, sea caves, as well as spectacular lighthouses and medieval fortresses, and much more : the possibilities to explore are endless. For nature lovers, there are routes by the sea and inland, while those who appreciate city life will love to visit the adorable villages that dot this stretch of Calabria, without forgetting the nearby Tropea, the heart of the social and sparkling life of the area. What are you waiting for?

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