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Hotels Ricadi

Baia di Riaci, in the municipality of Santa Domenica di Ricadi
The best of the hotels Ricadi you can found.


Ricadi is a charming town on the Calabrian coast. It overlooks the crystal clear sea of Calabria and is a destination that offers great cultural insights. Here you can spend peaceful and exciting stays, if you are looking for a hotel in Ricadi you are in the right place. The natural paradise nestled in the Costa degli Dei it is located exactly in Santa Domenica di Ricadi, has a white sand beach and a group of rocks, the Bay, which decorate the crystalline, blue and transparent seabed. A real masterpiece. Among the facilities ready to welcome you, ours Suite Hotel L'Oasi di Riaci: elegance, comfort, private beach and an unmistakable style. The best of the hotels Ricadi you can found.

The beauty of the Ricadi area

The Tyrennian sea washes the coasts of the town of Ricadi. Here we find an enchanting natural environment, white beaches and paths surrounded by greenery to explore. Among the various promontories the beaches protected by vast rocks that characterize the scenery.To visit by boat or swimming there are several mysterious coves and caveswhich hide a characteristic marine flora and fauna.The town of Ricadiinstead, characterized by medieval buildings, ancient ruins, left by the peoples who lived in this area, such as the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Normans, it becomes a cultural destination that allows unique excursions. The Suite Hotel l'Oasi in Riaci is the perfect base from which to start and where to return to after your busy days. The relax and beauty of modernity that we offer make it one of the best hotels Ricadi you needed.


Your exclusive stay in Ricadi at the Hotel Oasi di Riaci

If you are looking for an exclusive and welcoming hotel to spend your next holiday in Ricadi, to visit and experience the Costa degli Dei or Costa Bella, the Bay of Riaci and the city of Tropea, then the Oasi di Riaci hotel, one of the hotels Ricadi, is the solution that's right for you. Located in Santa Domenica di Ricadi, just a stone's throw from Tropea, this new-concept structure is already much loved by the publicwill allow you to move very easily between the sea and nearby locations, from Tropea toZungri caves, at the Bay of Riaci and many others. It is a hotel with a unique design and attention to every detail, a place where you will not be just a guest, but a real guest of honour. 
Ricadi, but this land in general, is perfect for a peaceful stay at any time of the year, every season has its nuances, winter has fairly mild temperatures and summer instead is full of sun and heat . 

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