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The Zungri Caves

A hotel just minutes from the stone city

Our splendid hotel, L'Oasi di Riaci, is located in the beautiful Tropea: the Borgo dei Borghi 2021 . One of the most popular destinations in Calabria which thanks to its geographical location allows tourists to have many places to visit.

The stay in our hotel will allow you to alternate days of total relaxation, immersed in our suggestive swimming pool or in the waters of our private beach , with days of fun, excursions and adventure admiring the suggestive views of the surroundings.

From the visit to the sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Isola to the excursion to the small church of Piedigrotta, one of the visits we want to suggest is that of the Zungri Caves , also nicknamed the city of stone. About thirty minutes away from our splendid hotel, they will allow you to immerse yourself in an environment full of mystery.

The area around our hotel in Tropea: The Rock Settlement of Zungri 

For history lovers a visit to the Zungri Caves is a must, about 30 minutes away from our beautiful hotel, they are a place full of magic and mystery. Suggestive and full of secrets will allow you to take a journey through time and be enchanted by the atmosphere and history.

The Caves have an area of 3000 square meters, have undergone changes over time, their construction dates back to the VIII-XII century.  The Rock Settlement is made up of dozens of units, some of which dug into the rock, hence the name city of stone, others built.  

Staying at the Suite Hotel L'Oasi di Riaci you can live all these experiences and much more.

Hotel in Tropea, surroundings: The Zungri museum

As we said earlier, staying at the Hotel L'oasi di Riaci, it will be very easy to reach the Rock Settlement of Zungri. A few steps from the Caves is the Zungri Museum, the custodian of a rich collection of objects from the traditional and local culture of the 19th and 20th centuries. Inside the museum there are various collections, from the Peasant to the Domestic section, with a selection of clothes and tools of the time. The museum also houses a photographic exhibition of the 1905 earthquake. 

What to do in a stay in Tropea. 

A few steps from the beach of the Bay of Riaci, our Hotel, in Tropea, offers a variety of ideas for your stay. You can visit magical and enchanted places, relax on our private beach or take advantage of the entertainment offered by the city of Tropea . The choice is vast, now it's up to you to decide how to spend your stay at the Suite Hotel L'Oasi di Riaci !  

Photo By  

Domenico Iannello

Moses Mazzitelli

Raffaele Montepaone

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