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Beach Il Paradiso del Sub - near Tropea

Discover the wonderful beach Paradiso del Sub a few steps from Tropea: An unforgettable stay at the Hotel Oasi di Riaci.

Welcome to the beautiful Calabrian beaches near Tropea, famous for its crystal clear waters and rich marine life. If you are passionate about scuba diving, you have found your Sub Paradise on the beach of the same name. Coveted destination for divers for the spectacular seabed and for the unspoilt beauty and variety of fauna that inhabits it. The Paradiso del Sub Beach is a coveted destination for the color of the emerald waters and the fine golden sand. To make your experience even more extraordinary, the Suite Hotel Oasi di Riaci is the perfect place to stay, located just 20 km from this underwater wonder.

The Sub Paradise near Tropea

The coast of Tropea is known for its breathtaking beauty, both above and below sea level. The crystal clear waters and biodiversity-rich seabeds attract divers from all over the world. Explore an enchanted underwater world, swimming alongside brightly colored fish, multicolored corals and fascinating rock formations. The Sub Paradise is a perfect destination for divers, offering underwater adventures for all levels of experience.

Il Suite Hotel Oasi di Riaci - An oasis of comfort

Just 20 km from Paradiso del Sub, the Oasi di Riaci is an oasis of comfort and relaxation. The rooms are tastefully furnished and offer beautiful views of the sea or the surrounding hills.

You can enjoy the sea breeze and the peaceful atmosphere after a day of exciting scuba diving. First class services and amenities

The Hotel Oasi di Riaci is committed to offering its guests an unforgettable stay. Guests can relax in the panoramic swimming pool overlooking the sea, enjoy delicious Calabrian cuisine at the hotel restaurant and spend pleasant evenings at the bar. In addition, the hotel offers services dedicated to divers, such as the organization of diving excursions with expert guides and equipment rental. Explore Tropea and its surroundings: Tropea is not only an underwater paradise, but also a city full of charm and history. After your diving adventures in the Paradiso del Sub beach, you will have the opportunity to explore the medieval streets of the historic center of Tropea, admire the majestic Cathedral and discover the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

If you are looking for a unique diving experience, Tropea is the perfect place for you! Near the beach of Paradiso del Sub which is a true underwater paradise a few kilometers from the Hotel Oasi di Riaci, you will have the opportunity to experience exciting diving and enjoy a relaxing stay in a high quality hotel. Book your stay today and get ready to discover the underwater wonders of Tropea and the Paradiso del Sub beach a few kilometers away.


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