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The most beautiful beaches in the Costa degli Dei

When tourists arrive in Tropea and begin to tour around this beautiful village, they are fascinated by the wonderful beaches of which it is composed. On the other hand, the stretch of coastline that includes the beach of Tropea is called the "Costa degli Dei" this says a lot about how beautiful this coast is. The Coste degli Dei is a 55 km coastline that stretches from Pizzo Calabro to Nicotera, in the province of Vibo Valentia. Here along this coast you will find many beaches, all worthy of note, in our article we want to name a few.

The first of the beaches that we want to describe is the Baia di Riaci, right here is the private beach of our beautiful hotel.

The Baia of Riaci is easy to reach, is located in Santa Domenica di Ricadi, and before arriving at the beach you can find many parking spaces. It alternates a fine white sand reminiscent of the caribbean coast with a rocky bottom. The presence of the rocks is very welcome, especially from the smallest, who enjoy making a thousand dives. A destination not to be missed especially for snorkelers.

The Riaci Beach is also well stocked, there are restaurants within easy walking distance.

The beaches of Pizzo fascinate every year hundreds of tourists, are characterized by the clarity of the water and the alternation of cliffs and long stretches of white and thin sand.

One of the most beautiful and significant beaches of Pizzo is Piedigrotta Beach. This beach is particular because it houses the famous Church of Piedigrotta, a tourist attraction that every year gathers many tourists. The Church of Piedigrotta is particular because it is entirely excavated in the tuff, suggestive and beautiful, is a must for those who decide to pass by Pizzo.

Among the most beautiful beaches of the Costa degli Dei it is impossible not to mention the Paradise of the Sub.

Foto by: TripAdvisor user: Michele.Canino

It is located in Marina di Zambrone and is not very difficult to reach, although to reach the beach it is advisable to bring sneakers, the path is not particularly insidious, Just park your car near the train station of Zambrone and follow the directions indicated, in 10 minutes you will arrive at the beach. Once you arrive at the beach you can notice that there are three different creeks separated by cliffs and surrounded by many flora and fauna, as it is a beautiful nature reserve.

For lovers of fine sand and crystal clear waters the Michelino Beach in Parghelia is the perfect place. You can get lost in a pristine coastline of white beach and be enchanted by the blue of its waters. The Michelino Beach can be reached on foot through a staircase from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

These are just some of the beautiful beaches that you can admire in the Costa degli Dei the other worthy of note that we have not deepened in our post are:

  • La Spiaggia di Sant'Irene a Briatico

  • La spiaggia del Cannone a Tropea

  • Praia di Fuoco a Capovaticano

  • Spiaggia del Colamaio a Pizzo

  • Spiaggia della Rotonda a Tropea

  • Marina di Coccorino a Joppolo

  • Spiaggia di Grotticelle a Capovaticano

What are you waiting for now? Let yourself be inspired by our post and spent a beautiful day or even more in this beautiful coastline.


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