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The Oasi di Riaci: among its qualities is the proximity to the center of Tropea.

The Oasi di Riaci is the 4-stars hotel that boasts, in addition to the elegance and charm of the structure, also the proximity to one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Calabria, Tropea and its historic center. It is one of the most famous places overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, which contributes to give fame and prestige to the entire coast. Walking through the streets of this village will seem to dream thanks to the churches, the historic noble palaces and balconies that offer breathtaking views. There is no doubt that Tropea gives its best in the summer with white beaches and crystal clear water, but do not underestimate the magic that give its streets studded with Christmas lights and great lights.

The historic center of Tropea is spread on the high part of the cliff that falls sheer over the sea, more or less at the height of 70m. Its location, its souvenir shops, its typical restaurants, its ice cream parlours and its historical beauty are an experience not to be missed.

Among its attractions are: the Church of Santa Maria dell'Isola, the Duomo, Piazza Cannone, the Diocesan Museum, the Church of Santa Maria della Neve and, of course, the historic center. It is no coincidence that Tropea has been chosen, over the years, as the set of several television and film shoots, this can only be a source of pride for Calabrians. The Oasi di Riaci is the perfect place from which to explore the wonders of the coast. The village of the villages, is in fact easily accessible, just 10 minutes! At least once in your life allow yourself to live art (important every year in the first autumn period is the event dedicated to music: the Tropea Blues Festival), history, traditional cuisine, and be enchanted by the colors of nature that alternate and mix with each other, as at sunset and between the rocks.

The one between you and this pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea could become a fixture, we are certain! What are you waiting for?

Tropea e il suo centro storico, visti da una prospesttiva diversa.
Centro storico di tropea

Le vie di Tropea illuminate durante le serate estive.
Tropea di sera

Tropea alta, direttamente sul mare e la sua spiaggia bianca.
Tropea città sul mare


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