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Artist lights! Visit Tropea from our beautiful Suite Hotel Oasi di Riaci. 

The Suite Hotel l'Oasi di Riaci is located in Santa Domenica di Ricadi-Capo Vaticano ed is one of the finest luxury hotels in the area.

Santa Domenica di Ricadi is a village that stands in the Coast of the Gods, boasts beautiful beaches that alternate rocky cliffs with stretches of very fine white sand, the seabed of the waters are clear and full of fish that swim undisturbed. 

The village of Santa Domenica di Ricadi is located just 4 kilometers from Tropea, only 10 minutes by car, and 7 kilometers from Vatican boss his strategic positionat the center of two places so important and beautiful as tourist destinations makes it an excellent place to spend your holidays. 

Those who decide to stay at the Suite Hotel in Santa Domenica di Ricadi can easily explore the wholeCalabriathanks to its strategic position and specifically it is able to explore the entire Costa degli Dei, a 55 km coastline made up of beaches that take your breath away. 

Apart from its strategic position, Santa Domenica di Ricadi is first and foremost famous for its beaches, the Bay of Riaci, the beach where the private beach of our hotel is located, and the Formicoli beachnot far away and also beautiful. Your search among the hotels Ricadi can be considered concluded with the discovery of the Hotel Oasi di Riaci.

In the heart of Christmas 

The opening of the Christmas season marks a unique moment for the city of Tropea as it prepares to experience a magical and enchanting Christmas .

The artist lights in Piazza Ercole, the Christmas tree, the imposing star in Piazza Cannone, the house of Santa Claus, these are just some of the beautiful lights that will accompany Christmas in Tropea in this magical period. 

Why choose our hotel in Santa Domenica di Ricadi?

The Suite Hotel l'Oasi di Riaci is the hotelPerfectto choose from for your holiday in Santa Domenica Di Ricadi.

Hotel guests can take advantage of theprivate beach in theBay of Riaci, they will also be able to alternate salt water and fresh water baths thanks to the beautifulbio design poolof our Hotel.

In the morning they will wake up with the scent of asteaming breakfast, fresh products at km 0, freshly baked and leavened cakes of all kinds, a great variety of products also for savory breakfasts.

During the day thePoolside barhe will pamper them with aperitif cocktails and products of all kinds.

The luxury rooms, with attention to the smallest details, large and bright, will make your holiday in Santa Domenica di Ricadi perfect.  

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