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Baia di Riaci: an important recognition by National Geographic for its seabed

The National Geographic, famous American magazine that has more than 50 million readers, has stated, without doubt, that Riaci Baia boasts the most fascinating underwater backdrops and landscapes in the world, all to be discovered.

"A real paradise: for those who love diving or snorkeling, this is the perfect place". The natural landscape is rich in tuff rocks, different colors and shapes, caves and ravines to discover. To complete the picture there is a crystal clear sea with the most delicate shades of blue. Baia di Riaci, in the municipality of Santa Domenica di Ricadi, is the perfect destination for lovers of the environment, nature and especially for lovers of diving or swimming on the water, armed with a mask and fins. Flora and marine fauna have enchanted tourists, the National Geographic could not but reward this Calabrian pearl, giving us a truly important record.

Ready to welcome you in the beautiful Baia of Riaci a series of facilities equipped with all comforts, some directly on the sea:

Among these, and many others, you can choose according to your needs and preferences, for a holiday with your partner, family or friends. Most of these facilities boast private beaches and direct access to them, swimming pools and reserved parking spaces to offer you maximum relaxation and services of all kinds. They will be magical holidays in Calabria, which deserves to be visited at least once in your life.


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