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The city of Tropea

A hotel in Tropea to easily visit the city and its surroundings

Our beautiful hotel in Oasi di Riaci is located in the city of Tropea: an area famous all over the world for its beauty and for its countless possibilities, when it comes to places to visit and things to do, every year. this area of extraordinary charm attracts a myriad of tourists and locals, especially during the warmer months, when people have the opportunity to disconnect from work and life in the big cities, to be able to enjoy a nice relaxing holiday. Tropea is one of the most popular destinations for the public , and one of the most versatile options among all those that a tourist can choose as a backdrop for a beach holiday with all the trimmings. To discover the beauties of Tropea, the ideal solution always turns out to be to stay not far from its historic center; the natural and architectural wonders that are present around the city of Tropea are easily accessible, once you are stationed in the vicinity of Tropea. Precisely for this reason, staying at the Oasi di Riaci hotel proves to be one of the most comfortable solutions for anyone who wishes to spend a holiday not far from the beautiful Tropea, with a special welcome, and freedom of movement like no other. , given by the proximity to multiple points of interest near the town of Tropea itself.

Lots of possibilities, things to do and see in Tropea and its surroundings

For lovers of beach holidays, holidays in the name of sun, sand and crystal clear waters, Tropea proves to be one of the most renowned and loved destinations by people from every corner of the planet. T ropea is not only a city, but it is also the center of a series of magical places that are able to conquer anyone who chooses to visit them: breathtaking natural landscapes, monuments and places of historical and urban interest, and much more. In addition to hosting panoramas and glimpses worthy of the most beautiful photographs, Tropea is also a worldly city: small but full of things to do, it is almost impossible to visit it without finding something interesting to do, to see, to visit, to buy, in short, something that makes us curious. First of all, Tropea is a lively city : unlike many villages and small historic towns scattered along the territory of the Italian Peninsula, Tropea can boast a presence of young and worldly life that is absolutely not indifferent. This small but bustling town is full of shops, from big brands to small independent retailers, clubs, cafes, great bars and restaurants, cultural points of interest and much, much more. Tropea is a city capable of satisfying everyone's needs, and satisfying the desires of as many people: whether you are a very young, young, adult visitor or a little more than an adult, Tropea will be able to offer you and those around you a very long series of activities to choose from to pass the time. And all this without even having to leave the historic center of Tropea behind

Church of the island of Tropea

Absolute protagonist of your holiday in Tropea: the beauty of the landscape

It would be useless to deny it: the natural and landscape beauties that Tropea is able to offer to those who decide to visit it are a small jewel , a feast for the eyes and the senses. To begin to name just one, the nearby Costa degli Dei, also called Costa Bella for its breathtaking appearance: it is a stretch of coast overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, whose natural and landscape heritage has been around for years, now praised by tourist guides, land conservation agencies and visitors. Located near Tropea and Riaci, it is right along the Costa degli Dei that the Riaci Bay is located, a picturesque and majestic backdrop in front of which the Oasi di Riaci hotel stands, just a few meters away. from the nearest beach. High rocks overlooking the sea, typical vegetation of the Mediterranean Macchia, beaches of various sizes whose fine and clear sand will make you feel as if you are walking on clouds . But the real protagonist is undoubtedly the sea itself: crystal clear waters, very clean and illuminated by the brilliant sun of Calabria, the time spent on the beach of Tropea is able to remain etched in the memory.

Your exclusive stay in Tropea at the Oasi di Riaci hotel

If you are looking for an exclusive and welcoming hotel where to spend your next holiday in Tropea, to be able to visit and experience the Costa degli Dei or Costa Bella, the Riaci Bay and the city of Tropea itself, then the hotel Oasi di Riaci is the right solution for you. Located near Tropea, this newly designed and already beloved structure by the public will allow you to move with ease between the sea and nearby towns , from Tropea to the Zungri Caves, the Riaci Bay and many others . It is a hotel with a unique design and attention to every detail, a place where you will not be just a guest, but a real guest of honor. The classy interiors and the warm welcome, typical of Southern Italy, will make your stay at the Oasi di Riaci hotel in Tropea an unforgettable holiday. Let yourself be pampered by the staff of the Oasi di Riaci hotel, in a unique architectural setting with a design designed to communicate hospitality, luxury and refinement in every detail: a magical place where you can feel welcome, and that perhaps you will not even want to leave for visit the wonders that characterize the area around Tropea. For more information about this magnificent hotel, and to book your next holiday at the Oasi di Riaci hotel, go to the contact us page . The Oasi di Riaci hotel is the perfect destination for your next vacation in Tropea

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